Crosses U.S. to Showcase Patented AI Photo & Document Restoration Software and Education Programs for Family Historians, Genealogists, & Hobbyists

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Vivid Pix Parade Photos Before After 700px


Vivid-Pix announces adding metadata zoom/transcribe feature to its RESTORE software at Allen County Public Library

Vivid-Pix launches update at largest public library genealogy center in America

Alpharetta, Ga. and  Ft. Wayne, Ind. - Vivid-Pix, the inventor of easy-to-use image-improvement software, announced the latest Vivid-Pix RESTORE software enhancement - Zoom/Transcribe - will be launched July 9, at the Allen County Public Library, home to the largest...

Vivid-Pix awarded second patent – brings faded photos back to life

Vivid-Pix RESTORE software adds document restoration

Alpharetta, Ga. - Vivid-Pix, the inventor of easy-to-use, image-improvement software, will reveal the latest improvements to Vivid-Pix RESTORE software for Mac and for Windows at RootsTech, Feb. 27 – March 2, 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Vivid-Pix RESTORE now improves the color and contrast of scanned records, letters and...

Day 30: Journey(s) & Meg’s Birthday!

THE Journey – Life.  A friend of mine has on her signature line: 

"Enjoy the journey." - Cathy Church

This simple, yet profound, sentiment is how she lives her life – upbeat, helping others and the environment  #CathyChurch

Thanks for joining us, hosting us, being a part of our 13K mile, 27 State, over 32 National Parks and Monuments, with detours/audibles/stops along the way journey.  It was an...

Day 29: New Orleans & Rick’s Birthday!

New Orleans is not a National Park, but I do consider it a National Treasure – and a great place to spend a birthday!

Perhaps this is a good place to bring up the importance of photos – and how they help relive memories. 

27 years ago, I was given the best present of my life:  my daughter.  She was born 43 minutes after my birthday, so...

Mexico – Visual and Historical perspectives

Day 28

Today’s “parks”, Big Bend (National Park) and The Alamo (National Historic Landmark), provide unique perspectives.

On Day 27 we drove to the park that claims the best stargazing due to being the most remote from light:  Big Bend National Park.  The night sky provided a different type of light show – lightning.  Setting our alarm for every 2 hours, just in case the sky cleared, we finally...

50 States!!

Day 26 – Antelope Canyon, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest National Park

A Sunbeam lights my Sunshine (corny but true) – Antelope Canyon is not a National Park, but was on Meg’s bucket list – I think you’ll see why when you look at the pics.

The day’s next adventure was Painted Desert – includes Petrified Forest National Park – pretty cool – touching wood that has become rock and hills that take on...

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