Family Matters

Family Matters – a partnership between the National Genealogical Society and Vivid-Pix

Community Engagement Program

The Family Matters Engagement Program includes the Vivid-Pix Memory Station™ hardware and software, education courses in genealogy / family history, photo organization, photography, storytelling and photo reminiscence, as well as the Family Matters Outreach Toolkit.

Family Matters Outreach Toolkit provides genealogy / family history organizations turnkey materials to attract new audiences to their programs, showcase their specialty records and research techniques, and introduce new people to the excellent work that these organizations do.

Meet Your Goals

• Meet Your Mission – Help people do their genealogy
• Member Engagement – Current members and grow membership
• Volunteer Development – Enrich and encourage volunteerism

Community Engagement Program Includes

Vivid-Pix Memory Station



Templated Marketing Kit