Family Matters


Bundle Includes:
1 – ScanSnap SV600 Scanner / Software
1 – Community Edition MS Software 5-Year License
1 – Home Edition MS Software
1 – Vivid-Pix RESTORE Software
1 – ABBY® OCR software
1 – Vivid-Pix Education Bundle
1 – Family Matters Outreach Tool Kit


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ScanSnap Scanner SV600

  • Advanced optics/illumination produce consistent image quality
  • Scan up to 10 photos / documents at one time
  • Correct curve distortion from book scans
  • Up to 600 dpi JPEG and PDF

Vivid-Pix Memory Station™ Professional Edition Software for Windows - 5 Year License

Scan, Restore, Record and Share - with just 1-click! Easy, Fast, Affordable, Advanced Integrated Solution for Professionals, Commercial and Professional Use.  Includes Vivid-Pix  RESTORE software.

Memory Station™ Home Edition Software for Windows

Scan, Restore, Record and Share - with just 1-click! Easy, Fast, Affordable, Groundbreaking Integrated Solution. Includes Vivid-Pix  RESTORE software.

Education 4 Course Bundle for Professionals

Professional Bundle includes the following courses:
Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy – Cathi Nelson
Tell Your Stories for Professionals – Laura Hedgecock
Photo Reminiscence Therapy NIDE Certification – Joshua Freitas
Digital Photography Fundamentals – David Huffman

Family Matters Outreach Toolkit

Family Matters Outreach Toolkit provides organizations turnkey materials to attract new audiences to their programs, showcase their specialty records and research techniques, and introduce new people to the excellent work that these organizations do.


    Family Matters provides organizations with the tools needed to connect with the public, combining the Vivid-Pix Memory Station™ scanning, image improvement and story-capturing software; education on photo organization, family history, storytelling and photo reminiscence; and turnkey marketing to attract new audiences to the wonderful work that these organizations do.

    The Family Matters Engagement Program is designed to engage members, patrons and your community