Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: Different Vivid-Pix software products – please explain the differences.

Q2: Download and install – How do I download and install a trial of Vivid-Pix software on my PC or Mac?

Q3: Purchase – How do I purchase Vivid-Pix software for my PC or Mac?

Q4: Activation – After I purchase, download and install, how do I activate my PC or Mac software?

Q5: Replace lost copy – I have previously purchased a copy of the software, but I no longer have it (new computer, computer crash, etc.). How do I get another copy?

Q6: Original image – What does RESTORE or SCUBA do to my original image?

Q7: SCUBA fixes topside – Does SCUBA correct a photo taken out of the water?

Q8: Trial program – How long does the Trial Program last?

Q9: Video – Does Vivid-Pix fix Videos?

Q10: Usage – What are the guidelines for use of Land & Sea SCUBA?

Q11: Usage – What are the guidelines for use of RESTORE?

Q12: Location of saved photos – I can’t find my saved pictures. Where are they?

Q13: 9 image choice – Why am I not seeing the perfect image in the 9-image choice screen?

Q14: Mobile Version – Do you have an iOS (iPad or iPhone) or Android version?

Q15: RAW Image Files – Does Land & Sea SCUBA work on RAW images?

Q16: TIFF Image Files – Do your programs work on TIF images

Q17: Cropping – Does the program crop images?

Q18: What Macintosh operating systems are supported?

Q19: What Windows versions are supported?

Q20: Center Selection – Can I set the software to automatically select the center image in the 9-up screen?

Q21: Further Questions – I have some other questions or suggestions. Can you help?