Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: Different Vivid-Pix software products – please explain the differences.

Q2: Download and install – How do I download and install a trial of Vivid-Pix software on my PC or Mac?

Q3: Purchase – How do I purchase Vivid-Pix software for my PC or Mac?

Q4: Activation – After I purchase, download and install, how do I activate my PC or Mac software?

Q5: Replace lost copy – I have previously purchased a copy of the software, but I no longer have it (new computer, computer crash, etc.). How do I get another copy?

Q6: Original image – What does RESTORE or SCUBA do to my original image?

Q7: SCUBA fixes topside – Does SCUBA correct a photo taken out of the water?

Q8: Trial program – How long does the Trial Program last?

Q9: Video – Does Vivid-Pix fix Videos?

Q10: Usage – What are the guidelines for use of Land & Sea SCUBA?

Q11: Usage – What are the guidelines for use of RESTORE?

Q12: Location of saved photos – I can’t find my saved pictures. Where are they?

Q13: 9 image choice – Why am I not seeing the perfect image in the 9-image choice screen?

Q14: Mobile Version – Do you have an iOS (iPad or iPhone) or Android version?

Q15: RAW Image Files – Does Land & Sea SCUBA work on RAW images?

Q16: TIFF Image Files – Do your programs work on TIF images

Q17: Cropping – Does the program crop images?

Q18: What Macintosh operating systems are supported?

Q19: What Windows versions are supported?

Q20: Center Selection – Can I set the software to automatically select the center image in the 9-up screen?

Q21: Further Questions – I have some other questions or suggestions. Can you help?


A: All Vivid-Pix software products are designed to make improving your images easy. RESTORE (for Windows and Mac OS X) is designed to help scanned images look their best. In particular, RESTORE improves faded heirloom images from scanned photos and slides. Land & Sea SCUBA (for Windows and Mac OS X) helps underwater images look their best, and works on topside images, too. It is designed for all depths, and improves a wide variety of file types including JPG, TIF, DNG and a wide variety of RAW formats. While the appearance of the products is very similar, they are quite different “under the hood.” All Vivid-Pix products can also be used to improve cell phone and digital camera images. The following chart will give you a good idea of the different features and functions.


Never overwrite original image
2 licenses for one purchase
Improve faded prints
Improve faded slides
Improve SCUBA depth photos
Improve snorkel depth photos
Blue water correction
Green water correction
Improve topside images
Improve vacation image
Improve cell phone, tablet, digital camera images
9 image choice for best start
Always visible controls
Easy sliders for manual adjustments
Easy freeform cropping
Standard size cropping
Rotation and tilt adjustment
Brightness adjustment slider
Contrast adjustment slider
Red, Green, Blue adjustment sliders
Vividness adjustment slider
Sharpness enhancement
Save settings to create personal presets
Works on Jpeg image files
Works on Tiff image files
Works on RAW, PNG, DNG image files
Fisheye Correction
Save full and sharing resolution
Select multiple work images at once
Reset Corrections/start over button
Side by side original and improved image
Select sharpness
Select adjusted image suffix
Select destination folder for adjusted image