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Our Story

An avid diver and an avid amateur photographer were thrown together in a project at a large photography/imaging company at the dawn of digital imaging – almost 25 years ago. The photographer, recently returned from a vacation in the Islands, was dissatisfied with the pictures he had captured with a waterproof camera. He realized they could be digitally modified to look far better. The diver asked for a few of his own images to be improved. Impressed with the results, the diver created a photofinishing service for underwater images.

Fast forward 15 years – now a decade ago. The diver, now marching to the beat of his own drum, contacted the photographer and asked, “Hey, ya wanna re-start the band?”

““Sure! Why not?” replied the photographer, recently ‘surprise retired’, and they started down the path to helping people to get better pictures.

With the help of a far-flung team of excellent people, we bring you Vivid-Pix, a company focused on developing easy-to-use software that helps you RESTORE – RELIVE – SHARE your underwater, on land, old and new pictures.

And photofinishing services to make these AMAZING pictures, documents – and stories – print better, faster, and easier.


The Vivid-Pix Fix 
It’s as EASY as 1, 2, 3

1 2 3 Steps Restore

1 2 3 Steps


Share and WOW family, friends and your dive buddies!

Who wants to spend hours learning and using hard-to-use software, when patented software can do the work for you?


Team Bios

Randy Fredlund – Amateur Photographer


Randy Fredlund is an engineer, inventor and avid amateur photographer. He has over 100 patents in the field of digital imaging. His long experience in Research, Development and Commercialization enable him to translate theory into practice. He enjoys inventing new ways for people to fix and enjoy their images. Every picture tells a story, and he wants yours to be great literature.


Rick Voight – The Diver


Rick Voight has spent his career helping people take/make/share pictures and with his clients has created billion dollar business through consumer and business research, business development and marketing for Kodak, HP, and Vivid-Pix. He’s a father and husband who loves traveling, scuba diving, and has made it his personal goal to get his partner to blow bubbles.