Caching Memories

Caching Memories

Providing Connection for Older Adults (Memory Holders)

Time is precious for all of us, especially for our aging loved ones. Stories are a gift to future generations, but they must be shared. Encouraging older adults to reminisce on life experiences, using photos as a prompt, helps keep them engaged and connected.

achi’s Caching Memories program builds a multi-generational relationship by connecting older adults to younger adults for one-hour weekly virtual conversations. This program allows stories to be preserved in a memory book that can be shared for ongoing engagement and connection.

An endless ripple effect of connection.

Benefits for Memory Holders

Build meaningful relationships

Share their story using photos
and mementos

Engage more fully with their family, friends, and caregivers

Benefits for Families

Build stronger
familial bonds

Learn more about
their loved one’s life

Inspire newfound appreciation
for their loved one’s wisdom

Enjoy their family stories
and photos

Keep treasured
memories alive

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