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National Disasters and Fading Caused by Light, Heat, & Humidity

Savannah, GA, September 8, 2021 – Vivid-Pix announced today that they have joined the worldwide effort to preserve family memories during September’s “Save Your Photos Month.” 


Do you do windows?

Clean the platen!  That’s the piece of glass that keeps your photo from falling into the guts of the scanner.  Just as if your picture is dirty, dirt on the glass will be reproduced as a defect in your image. 

Even more annoying, it will be in the same spot in all the images you scanned that session. ...

We receive many images at [email protected] from people who want to see if RESTORE can help their images.  Even if you’re not from Missouri, the Show-Me State, you can do the same.

We look at every single image file and use RESTORE to make the pictures look the best they can.  Most can be improved, but some are beyond hope. 



Our memories make us who we are.

Our memories are the stories of us. They’re the bridge to our past that links us to our grandparents, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, and friends. Like treasured heirlooms, our memories teach us that the bonds of family and friendship need to be cherished above all else. Sharing those memories enriches our lifeby bringing us closer to our loved ones.

Those photographs lying in a shoebox are...

In out last post, we covered some terminology and tips on taking photos in water. In this article, we'll cover camera settings.

Using Preset Shooting Modes Underwater

Mode Settings create a combination of adjustments that are pre-designed for specific conditions. Some of the cameras we used had underwater mode settings. If the camera you select has these, the are well worth experimenting with and using. Of course, there...

It is a hard life, but we took it upon ourselves to take off to a beautiful tropical location so we can help you get great vacation photos.

Our goal is to help you find out which phone or camera is best for your vacation photos, with particular focus on the feature that attracts much of the attention . . . taking them into the water — many without the necessity of additional waterproof protection.


Low light can present a serious challenge for even the most seasoned photographers.

Low light can present a serious challenge for even the most seasoned photographers. Light is the most important part of how we perceive images and all photography involves capturing the light reflecting off of a physical object. 

Whether you're looking to evoke a certain atmosphere or simply happen to whip out your camera or camera phone at night, getting solid...

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