For many Americans, Memorial Day is the start of summer vacations, barbecues and outings. It’s the capstone of a three-day holiday weekend. Memorial Day, however, is much more than that for millions of Americans who remember those who died in service to the country. 

Memorial Day is not just a great time to get the family together for a barbecue, but also to share stories and remembrances of those who have...

Since 1987, May has been recognized as National Photo Month. That’s when the U.S. Congress officially commemorated May as the month dedicated to celebrating life’s special moments and records world history in the click of a button.

Of the 12 months of the year, what makes May stand out for this honor? 

As an early spring month, May is the doorway to the fun to come for the summer season. Flowers begin to...

1. Find photos to tell a story. (Don't worry about getting everything... a few photos will do.) Examples include: 

a. Life’s Journey.
b. An important event: Birth, Graduation, Marriage, etc.
c. Career / Retirement through the years.







Example: Celebrate Life Montage Video



2. Scan the photos. 

a.  The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is an easy-to-use flatbed scanner for photos, large and fragile documents, and cherished...

1.  Look through photo albums for photo(s) that will delight loved one(s).

a.  Did your parents send out Holiday Cards?  –  Mine did…

b.  Here’s one of my sister and me from around 50 years ago.

c.  I’m able to create an inexpensive – but highly treasured – gift for mom and sister!



2.  Scan the photo.

a. The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is a convenient...

Merry Holiday’s Email Greeting

2018 was a year of ponder, wander, and change. Megumi joined a company that can solve world hunger. Naoko helped bridge language and cultural differences. Rick worked to restore family histories.

Megumi moved from Washington, DC to Washington State. Rick and Naoko moved from Atlanta to Charleston.

As I pondered this year’s card, I decided to give a gift Grandma Voight’s snowball cookies – for...

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