The Journey(s): Day 30

Day 30: Journey(s) & Meg’s Birthday!

THE Journey – Life.  A friend of mine has on her signature line: 

“Enjoy the journey.” – Cathy Church

This simple, yet profound, sentiment is how she lives her life – upbeat, helping others and the environment  #CathyChurch

Thanks for joining us, hosting us, being a part of our 13K mile, 27 State, over 32 National Parks and Monuments, with detours/audibles/stops along the way journey.  It was an experience I’ll never forget – including many sights, experiences, old and new friends that I’ll equally never forget.

Through life we take multiple journeys:  learning something, teaching something, being a kid, an adult, a parent… the list is endless.  Live Life – and take the time to live it!

Beignet Toast

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