Day 22: California Dreaming

8 of the 58 National Parks are located in California.  The Journey will bring us through six.  On Monday we visited three:  Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia. 

Yes, a breakneck pace – and as Meg and I reflect on the last three weeks, we realize it’s almost sensory overload – we have seen SO MUCH – in such a short period of time.  Live Life! 

Having now traveled over 8,500...


Day 20

Crater Lake National Park was formed by a VERY big volcano – the lake is 6 miles across and 2000 feet deep.  We’re talking BIG VOLCANO.

Smoke fills the air from active fires, perhaps reminiscent of eons gone by when the volcano was formed, and unfortunately the wonderful blue lake is a hazy grey.  Well, you know me – I had to see what our software could do to clean...

Does it count on The Journey road trip if I take a picture outside of the United States, of the United States, of one of our parks...?

Actually, Niagara Falls is a State Park, not a National Park, so "doesn't qualify".

Business called so had to jump on a plane, funny way to travel, and take a brief pause from The Journey. 


Can't wait to see Crater Lake on Saturday! 

20170914 155607

Diving Puget Sound, Washington

Have you ever looked at an animal and wondered what they were thinking?  Or, feel you know what they’re thinking?  I think I know what this one is thinking:  “Whatcha lookin at?”

After diving Puget Sound today with Craig Gillespie, Seattle Scuba, (, I had one thought as well:  “Why has it taken me 40 years to dive the Pacific Northwest!”  Breathtaking Diving and Wonderful Hospitality (thank you).


Day 15:

I’ve traveled to Seattle for business many times, have hit the tourist spots and even drove up to the Cascades once in winter with a good friend and business associate, but had never ventured over to Olympic National Park – just “never had the time”. 

It’s a full day driving commitment – and worth every minute.  Experience the biosphere diversity of mountains, forest, rainforest, and beaches – all in one day...

Let’s see, how should we spend the weekend?

Day 13:

Let’s start with a “brief” drive from Boise, ID, through a bit of Oregon, to Walla Walla, WA, for wine tasting, antipasto platter, brick oven pizza, and chocolate soufflé – YUM! 


As this is farmland, pick up some fresh fruits for the drive over to Mount RAINier (yes, intended – we know how it got its name – beautiful, but couldn’t see...

Don’t Blink 

“Don’t blink, it goes by in a heartbeat.”   I often use this phrase when speaking with parents of young children.  The time we get to spend with children as they grow and begin seeing the world in new and different ways is one of the greatest joys of being a parent.


Sometimes, we get to see the inner child even when they’re older – like when they choose a stuffed...

Reliving Moments and Making Memories  

Spend 10 days in the car, traveling 6K miles, with someone you love completely, and you’re bound to have some great conversations… and also some agitated times.


Reliving Moments – back when Meg and I were traveling to tennis tournaments, there was a time when the conversation turned to a very female topic and I said “I’m not sure I want to talk about this”.   My...

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