Valentine’s Day Gift Recipe

Our friend Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, shared a lovely (and terrible) story about her parent’s wedding album. “While all old photo albums fade with age, Mom’s was the worst! – The film processing or printing was done poorly and mom never really enjoyed her wedding album.”

Maureen scanned the photos and RESTORE-d them. “Mom was thrilled.”

We are happy to share this story and to turn it into a Create Treasured Gifts – FOR FREE recipe:

1. Select a favorite photo and/or document.

Maureen Taylor mom wedding photo Before

2.Scan the photo or use one you’ve already scanned (set resolution for at least 300 dpi).

a. Use a dedicated scanner or your office All-In-One printer.

3. Download a Free Trial of RESTORE

a. Software available for Mac and Windows.

b. No credit card required.

c. Free Trial allows you to fix 10 pics and/or documents.

d. Use RESTORE’s cropping feature and create the perfect 5×7 or 8×10.


4. Download the below editable template and add photo.

5×7 Word Template    8×10 Word Template


5. Open Word template

a. Right-Click on the photo.

b. Select “Change Picture > From a file”.

c. Choose your image and save.

6. Print!

a. Print on your home printer (use photo paper for best results).

b. Save on a thumb drive or SD card and print at a store.

c. Order online – there are many options – including

V Day Card 1

Now you are ready to give this Treasured Gift!

Photo gifts can be more current photos, too – Blind Date 1988!

Pete Diana Baron BA

Pete Diana Baron V Day

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