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It is always fun to add any new twist that you can think of for your underwater photography. I decided to experiment with things that were orange. I selected out lots of photos that I already had, and I also went on a few dives looking for anything with orange. I was very lucky and found my absolute favorite but elusive subject, the gaudy clown crab (Platypodiella spectabilis).

Don’t just use your strobes to light up everything. Sometimes you need to be careful how to use your strobes to NOT light parts of the image so that you can make shadows.


I loved this sponge with the look of a cookie monster. But if I had used me strobe(s) closer to the lens for front lighting, it would have lit up the sponge inside the “mouth” and “eyes.” I wanted...

Have you ever wondered how people find these huge red finger sponges on the same dive where you saw only little ones? The answer is that these ARE the little ones you saw but photographed very close with an extremely wide-angle lens that includes everything within a 180º diagonal area. That means that you can stand very close to your 8 foot wall at home and get the entire wall from floor to ceiling in...


September Trashy Diver Contest Winners

2014 September Winners 


July Trashy Diver Contest Winners

2014 Winners so far…

 July – Most Amount of Trash
Philip Kaiser from British Columbia, Canada
Eight Divers remove 500 lbs of trash from two
lakes in Whistler, British Columbia.

July – Most Unique Trash
Nathaniel Klumb from Louisiana
Nathaniel single-handedly removed
a Tackling Sled from...

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