Orange Photos

It is always fun to add any new twist that you can think of for your underwater photography. I decided to experiment with things that were orange. I selected out lots of photos that I already had, and I also went on a few dives looking for anything with orange. I was very lucky and found my absolute favorite but elusive subject, the gaudy clown crab (Platypodiella spectabilis).

 I also found lots of little things living on orange sponges and so on. I did my usual adjustments to add some saturation and a little contrast.




Then I wondered how I could present a series of photos with orange subjects. I tried making montages of my selections, but after many hours of playing with up to eleven different images on a page, I just didn’t like them.  So I tried to find two that  shared colors that would look good together. I settled on these two – just the crab and a Christmas tree worm.



So think about how two or three of your photos will look side by side. It opens up a whole new way to judge what you should print.

Enjoy the journey,

Cathy Church

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