Mom’s Winter Advice: Get Outside

How does one survive long, cold northern winters? By getting outside and enjoying them.  Skiing, sledding, tobogganing, snowshoeing, skating … all outdoor activities that require the cold, and in most cases, snow.  And you! 

At least that is what Mom always told us.

Mom Skis VIVID Shr

Randy’s mom, Anne, skiing with Vivid-Pix RESTORE.

My mother, Anne, not only gave great advice but also lived the part, always partaking in the activities after bundling us up and pushing us out the door.  Even before she was Mom, she enjoyed skiing with her friends and family.  There was never any shortage of snow in Wausau, Wisconsin, and never any hesitation on her part to make sure it did not go to waste.

Even when the weather warmed, Mom put the snow to good use.  She instructed us in the tricks of the snowman building trade, even using food coloring for highlights.  But she was not fond of snowballs.  She was always concerned that someone would get hurt, or get into trouble by throwing snowballs.  Mom was also prescient.  

Cross country ski with MomRandy cross-country skiing with Mom and Dad

As far as other worthy outdoor activities, Mom would have said “curling,” too, except that’s almost always played indoors these days.  But I’m sure she would have swept stones on a frozen lake if the opportunity ever appeared.

Curling with Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad posing post curling

So take Anne’s advice: the best cure for cabin fever is to get out of the cabin and enjoy yourself.  Go outside regularly, and you may even come to look forward to the blizzards.

This winter, snap a photo or two and make sure you use Vivid-Pix RESTORE to relive treasured memories.

Mom Skis Before and After

Randy’s mom, Anne, skiing (right) photo. Before and After with Vivid-Pix RESTORE.