Celluloid Alchemy – Photo Magic

Remember film?

We put a roll in the camera, snapped a picture (sometimes 2 in case someone blinked), dropped the roll off to be processed and printed, and then enjoyed the MAGIC when we opened up the envelope of prints and got to relive the moment…

Of course, this has changed with digital cameras and phones – we know instantly whether we got the shot. However, in this world of digital, we forget that there was a technician (a person) that looked at the negatives before printing the picture and they color corrected the image to make it look its best. This was a necessary skill and activity to get a good picture….

Recently, I pulled up a picture on my computer that was taken with a digital camera and realized just how important this improvement step is – to color correct – to make a photo memory look its best.

Meet Chibby, a wonderful dog who was a member of our family and when young was a bit of a rascal…

Santa Chibby BA Detail

Digital Photo – Camera Lighting Error

This photo brings back treasured memories of sitting by the tree that we placed outside my daughter’s room. It overlooked our family room, and lit our home with light, color, and love. However, when looking at this photo over the holidays I noticed that the colors weren’t correct – this was not Chibby’s fur color and the packages and paper were muted and dull. Since I choose to post this as our Facebook greeting, it should be a great photo!

I honestly use Vivid-Pix RESTORE most often to improve old, faded photos and documents – BUT, it does improve digital pictures, too – so, I decided to bring this treasured memory back to life…

Santa Chibby BA EXIF

Digital Photo – Post Processing

WOW!  What a difference!  And most importantly, it allowed me to bring Chibby’s silky soft fur to be the right color (and of course, brightened the paper that the little rascal decided to run around with that Christmas morning).

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