Individual – Youth

This category is defined as a person under the age of 21 years of age who has been involved in digitizing, indexing, or otherwise electronically making previously unavailable genealogical materials available to other people.

The Genealogy Guys and Vivid-Pix are aware of the desire of genealogical and historical societies to attract new members, and particularly younger people. Many approaches are being used to get younger people involved in learning about their ancestry, and the earlier the spark is lit the better. Many success stories result from family interactions. The sharing of stories, eliciting interest of family photographs, exposure to documents about ancestors and family members into geographical location, time period, and historical and social context help bring those people’s into perspective and “bring them back to life.”

Our first set of Young People winners for the Unsung Heroes Award are four participants in a weekly county cemetery documentation effort. They come from Alachua County, Florida, and not surprisingly are another part of Individual Unsung Hero winner Jim Powell’s genealogical passion.