Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas Past

As you dig into your personal cache of treasured holiday memories, here are a few ways you can bring the spirit of Christmas to life using old photos.

As Charles Dickens showed us in his classic novella A Christmas Carol, reflecting on memories of holidays past can help guide us on our path to creating joyful memories in our present and future. Whether it’s looking back on the Christmastime of our youth, exploring the holidays of our parents and grandparents, or even reliving the celebrations of a bygone era, photos are the gateway to the spirit of Christmas past.


As you dig into your personal cache of treasured holiday memories, here are a few ways you can bring the spirit of Christmas to life using old photos:

RESTORE your photos to shining glory

Old photos – like memory itself – can fade. To keep your photos looking as lustrous and clear as the day you took them, run them through Vivid-Pix’s simple and intuitive RESTORE software. With the click of a button, you can fix discoloration, fading, and other imperfections commonly associated with old photos – preserving them in their best possible resolution. 

Create a ‘holiday timeline’

Except for dedicated scrapbookers, most people simply keep hard copies of photos gathered together loosely alongside photos taken around the same time. To bring your holiday memories to life:

  1. Take some time to sort through and gather together all the photos from Christmastime through the years.
  2. Then create a holiday timeline, stringing the photos together in chronological order.

Doing so will help show how your family, friends and yourself have changed over the years!

Christmas collage

If you are feeling less like telling a chronological story of the holidays, another idea is to create a collage of your favorite Christmas memories – from any era and setting – to create a single, varied holiday tableaux. These kinds of collages make great holiday cards that you can send out to family and friends to remind them of the memories you’ve shared together.

Memories of departed loved ones

One of the more wistful, bittersweet aspects of the holidays is reflecting on the loved ones who are no longer with us to share in new memories. One way to commemorate the good times you once had is to RESTORE and share photos of these people and pets who remain in your heart always. Either by sharing the photos via social media or by turning these photos in a physical commemorative object – such as a printed Christmas ornament – you can make sure that you are reminded of the joy you shared together.

Life is full of memories, and photos help us remember the people, places and events that mean the most to us. Don’t let time fade your memories or photos – use RESTORE to improve scanned prints, slides, and digital photos.

Share your photos

A picture says a thousand words – and the words surrounding the picture helps tell the story. Please “Share your photos” and story so that we can include them in our blog.

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