Genealogy and Family History Solutions

Don’t know how to begin your Family History journey?

Experienced, hit a break wall, or need to take your research to the next level?

Then The Family Tree Toolkit is for you.

The Family Tree Toolkit guides you on how and where to begin, what records are available both online and in repositories, what to do once you find the information, how to share your story and of course DNA discoveries.

As you find the documents that connect the dots of your genealogy, many will be difficult to read. And the photos will have faded and need to be brought back to life. Give your pics (and documents) the Vivid-Pix Fix!

That’s why we created The Family Tree Toolkit / Vivid-Pix RESTORE bundle.

Kenyatta Berry, host of Genealogy Roadshow – PBS, explains:

If you’d like to relive these memories and share them with loved ones and future generations we’re here to help.

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