Celebrate Independence Day with family photos

The Fourth of July holiday is celebrated by most Americans with a trip to the beach, a barbecue, a firework display or a parade. It’s a recognition of the values and traditions that have made the United States a beacon for the world.

Those Independence holiday celebrations are a great opportunity to create new memories and remember traditions. Independence Day is not just a great time to get the family together but also to share stories and family history.



Here are some ideas to bring those family events together with photos: 

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– If you are attending a fireworks display, have a photo contest among your family members to see who can capture the best firework photos.

– Bring along old photos from past years Independence Day parades. Compare and contrast how floats, costumes, bands and fashion have changed over the years

– Record short videos with family members of different ages, talking about Independence Day means to them.

– Build a scrapbook dedicated to family Independence Day celebration, past and present. Include photos, snapshots and documents. There are probably letters, news clippings and other items that help tell the story. These can fade or are on paper more fragile than photos, so take care when scanning them.

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