Package 4 – Heirloom


Allowing for deeper connection, this 16-session package allows the Memory Holder to engage in a culmination of memories and photos sharing the comprehensive story of their life. Through enriching one-hour conversations, these sessions provide Photo Reminiscence, utilizing a myriad of personal photos spanning the Memory Holder’s life to identify the unique memories that define their personal journey.  The resulting Memory Cache book will provide opportunities for future connections for generations to come.

Photos can be uploaded using Vivid-Pix RESTORE software and will be included in the Memory Cache book as a keepsake containing elements of the Memory Holders story. The Memory Cache book will also increase the Memory Holder’s social engagement as they share it with family, friends, and caregivers resulting in improved long-term well-being.


    Heirlooms capture the essence of an individual through the culmination of memories and photos. This package engages the Memory Holder in 16 sessions, allowing for deeper connection and a comprehensive look into the Memory Holder’s life.

    • 16 – one-hour long photo reminiscence sessions
    • Memory Cache book