Memory Station Home Edition Bundle


Bundle Includes:
1 – ScanSnap SV600 Scanner / Software
1 – Home Edition MS Software
1 – Vivid-Pix RESTORE Software
1 – ABBY® OCR software


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ScanSnap Scanner SV600

  • Advanced optics/illumination produce consistent image quality
  • Scan up to 10 photos / documents at one time
  • Correct curve distortion from book scans
  • Up to 600 dpi JPEG and PDF

Memory Station™ Home Edition Software for Windows

Scan, Restore, Record and Share - with just 1-click! Easy, Fast, Affordable, Groundbreaking Integrated Solution. Includes Vivid-Pix  RESTORE software.


    Home Edition MS Software Features

    • Vivid-Pix Image Capture / One-Click Navigation (Windows)
    • Scan controls ScanSnap scanner functionality
    • Fix with Vivid-Pix RESTORE software (included)
    • Voice Record – MP3 voice output
    • Save to computer, Archive to FileShadow,
    • Print to Vivid-Pix Prints
    • ScanSnap software creates PDF and OCR capture

    ScanSnap V600 Scanner Features

    • Compatible with Windows and Mac
    • Advanced optics and illumination produce consistent image quality across image
    • Scan up to 10 images & objects at one-time
    • Correct book curve distortion
    • Resolution up to 600 dpi JPEG or PDF
    • Large A3 (11.7 x 16.5inches / 297 x 420 mm) scanning area
    • Auto Book Correction / Point Retouch scan improvement
    • Page Turning Detection and Time Mode for book scanning
    • ABBY® OCR creation software included