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The ability to connect with our roots through online records, documents, and photographs is the result of dedicated individuals and organizations that identify, scan, and make available vast quantities of information.

The Unsung Heroes Award says Thank You to these institutions and individuals and shares their stories; so others are inspired.

Nomination and Selection Process:

mugs3Share how your Library or Archive, Society, Individual Adult, or Young Person is helping others connect with their family history.

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Daughters of the American Revolution Library

Daughters of the American Revolution Library

We believe that the first award in the Libraries and Archives Category deserves to be awarded to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Library. Since its founding in 1896, the DAR Library has grown into a specialized collection of American genealogical and historical manuscripts and publications, as well as powerful on-site databases.The DAR Library collection contains over 225,000 books, 10,000 research files, thousands of manuscript items, and special collections of African American, Native American, and women’s history, genealogy and culture. Nearly 40,000 family histories and genealogies comprise a major portion of the book collection, many of which are unique or available in only a few libraries in the country.

The DAR Library is free and open to the public. While helping descendants of Revolutionary American War patriots document their lineage, their collections have preserved and protected original documents and members' applications in many cases by digitizing images and indexing documents. The Genealogical Research Committee have indexed 20% of the books and have entered more than 20 million names. Thank you Anasazi Chapter for nomination.



This category is defined as a genealogical society, an historical society, a lineage society, or a heritage society.

The Genealogical Society of Linn County, Iowa has been working aggressively on digitizing county voter registration records and making them accessible online. When the county needed space they turned to the genealogical society, with whom they had a strong relationship, and donated the large boxes of records. We often tell people not to overlook voter records because they may contain a great deal of genealogically and historically significant data that can lead you to other sources. Birth date, place of birth, naturalization information, name and address changes, and more. Now that the index is available on their own library database for use by patrons, the voter card can be easily pulled up on the computer. However, since their database is not currently accessible on the Internet, they have worked with the administrator of the Linn County IA Genweb page in order to make it available to everyone with an Internet connection ( It has also been added to a local library web page at



This category is defined as a person over the age of 21 years of age who has been involved in digitizing, indexing, or otherwise electronically making previously unavailable genealogical materials accessible to other people.

Jim Powell, Jr.

There are tens of thousands of people digitizing, indexing, and preserving images of the past, whether they be document images, photographs, postcards, newspapers, and so many diverse records. New materials are literally discovered everyday. It takes the efforts of countless unsung heroes to organize and prepare these historical and genealogical treasures for preservation, and then to generate the highest quality digital images possible. The images then need to be indexed for ease of location, and transcriptions to fulfill placing them in context.

Our first individual winner in the Unsung Heroes Award is Jim Powell, Jr., of Waldo, Alachua County Florida. An employee of the Alachua County Clerk of Court, it was his love of history, programming experience, and photography that began his journey into digitizing the ancient records, and developing a huge multi-state group of dedicated volunteer who help clean up digital images, index them, and every-word transcribe their contents. Over 500,000 images have been digitized and are every-word searchable, and over 35,000 pages have been transcribed. Visit the Ancient Records:

Individual – Youth

Individual – Youth

This category is defined as a person under the age of 21 years of age who has been involved in digitizing, indexing, or otherwise electronically making previously unavailable genealogical materials available to other people.

The Genealogy Guys and Vivid-Pix are aware of the desire of genealogical and historical societies to attract new members, and particularly younger people. Many approaches are being used to get younger people involved in learning about their ancestry, and the earlier the spark is lit the better. Many success stories result from family interactions. The sharing of stories, eliciting interest of family photographs, exposure to documents about ancestors and family members into geographical location, time period, and historical and social context help bring those people's into perspective and "bring them back to life.”

Our first set of Young People winners for the Unsung Heroes Award are four participants in a weekly county cemetery documentation effort. They come from Alachua County, Florida, and not surprisingly are another part of Individual Unsung Hero winner Jim Powell's genealogical passion.