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Restore and Relive treasured memories in minutes! For Free!
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Below are step-by-step recipes to create gifts for friends, loved ones, and even yourself.

Please also share your gift ideas with us – we love to share with others!
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Valentine’s Day Gift Recipe

Maureen Taylor mom wedding photo Before

Our friend Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective, shared a lovely (and terrible) story about her parent’s wedding album. “While all old photo albums fade with age, Mom’s was the worst! – The film processing or printing was done poorly and mom never really enjoyed her wedding album."

Last year for Christmas, Maureen scanned the photos and RESTORE-d them. “Mom was thrilled.”

We are happy to share this story and to turn it into a Create Treasured Gifts – FOR FREE recipe:


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Create a Celebrate Life montage

Create a Celebrate Life montage

1. Find photos to tell a story. (Don't worry about getting everything... a few photos will do.) Examples include: 

a. Life’s Journey.
b. An important event: Birth, Graduation, Marriage, etc.
c. Career / Retirement through the years.



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Create Treasured Gifts in Minutes

Create Treasured Gifts in Minutes

1.  Look through photo albums for photo(s) that will delight loved one(s).

a.  Did your parents send out Holiday Cards?  –  Mine did…

b.  Here’s one of my sister and me from around 50 years ago.

c.  I’m able to create an inexpensive – but highly treasured – gift for mom and sister!

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Wishing you Merry Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

Wishing you Merry Holidays and a Prosperous New Year
Grandma Voights snowball cookies

Merry Holiday’s Email Greeting

2018 was a year of ponder, wander, and change. Megumi joined a company that can solve world hunger. Naoko helped bridge language and cultural differences. Rick worked to restore family histories.

Megumi moved from Washington, DC to Washington State. Rick and Naoko moved from Atlanta to Charleston.

As I pondered this year’s card, I decided to give a gift Grandma Voight’s snowball cookies – for decades a treat. And now in a form that can be handed down to more.

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