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RESTORE Software Download front2RESTORE Commercial Software (Full License Version)

The RESTORE Commercial Software license allows installation on up to 3 computers.

Software can be used for consumer or operations activities.


Minimum display screen resolution: 1270 by 720 pixels

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Why Purchase Commercial Software?

Enhanced patron service for libraries and societies

Improved quality/efficiency for public and private institutions

Increased Profits for retailers

 Stop spending minutes or hours to improve an image, when it only takes seconds with Vivid-Pix RESTORE Commercial Software.

1. The Vivid-Pix Commercial Software allows libraries, societies, and businesses to use the software on up to 3 computers to improve images (in front of counter or behind the counter).

2. 18,000 images per year are included in the Commercial Software license - just a penny a fix.  After the annual amount is surpassed, the price per click is cut in half – just a half a cent a fix.

3. Our online back-end keeps track of how many images are "Saved".