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  • “I used it for my own book.”

  • “Game-changing software”

  • “I use it every day.”

  • “Brings yesteryear back to life.”

  • “RESTORE is amazing!”

  • “I Love it.”

  • “Vivid-Pix RESTORE software is a great way to revive photos and memories. It’s simple to learn and use. And the photo improvement is amazing.”

  • “Vivid-Pix image-enhancement software is easy to use on images from prints and slides. The simple grid layout makes choosing the best photo fast and easy. The photo improvement is amazing.”

  • “For years our customers suspected that we could “Photoshop” their old photos by pressing one magic button. Now there’s something that’s pretty darn close – Vivid-Pix RESTORE. And it’s easy enough to use that even the tech-challenged can get great results ”